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iPhone修理 福岡なら博多駅より徒歩0分!ガラス割れ交換やバッテリー・水没復旧などアイフォン修理の事ならスマップル博多店へお任せください。

let us repair it instead of buying a new one! iPhone6 repair report


let us repair it instead of buying a new one! iPhone6 repair report



Welcome to a blog of SMAPPLE Hakata branch focusing on iPhone repair!

We are accessible from Hakata sta.

It’s been about 2 weeks after iPhoneX was released.

The number of iPhoneX sold in Japan is less than it before.

There are still many people waiting for it


The production of iPhoneX is not catch up with the needs.

If you are not in the waiting list, you have to wait for a few months at least.

If you are considering changing models, making a reservation would be
a good idea. But what if you can’t do it?


Be patient until you get it, compromise to change it to other models,
or keep using your present phone.


However what if your phone is broken and you can’t wait for the next model?


What if you succeed to be on the waiting list but your phone is broken now..


You don’t want to buy a new terminal for the only two weeks.


Is such cases, let us repair your phone for cheap fee.


Here is the new repair report of iPhone6!


There were some cracks in the down left part in the screen before. The
cracks extended when the customer picked it up from his bag.


If the cracks extend farther, some dust or water may enter the phone
and it may cause blackout in the screen.


He pleased to have it repaired to keep it work until he buy iPhoneX!


In such a case, please rely on us SMAPPLE Hakata branch!


We will repair iPhone6’s panel within 30min.



You can either wait in our shop while repair or leave it and go out,
then pick it up after a while.


Today’s customer has visited au shop Hakata eki minami branch, docomo
shop hakata eki minami branch, and Yodobashi Multimedia Hakata branch
to buy iPhoneX.


While the customer is visiting these shops, we will repair it to make
it beautiful.


After 30min


The panel after repaired!


“It is a very beautiful panel!” he smiled with satisfaction.


He mumbled “ I wounder if I should buy a new one considering I have this now”


You better have it repaired. Then you can eat nice foods or buy new
model clothes with saved your budget!


◆iPhone6 料金表(作業工賃込み)
修理時間 修理金額
ガラス割れ交換 30分 4,180円
液晶交換 30分 7,180円
電源ボタン交換 30分 5,800円
ホームボタン交換 30分 6,700円
カメラ交換 30分 5,300円
ドックコネクタ交換 30分 6,000円
スピーカー交換 30分 5,200円
水没復旧 30分 3,500〜5,000円
バッテリー交換 30分 4,700円





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